POOLaide Webinar: The Novel Application of a Sweet Technique: Using the Artificial Sweetener, Acesulfame, as an Indicator of Urine in Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

The Novel Application of a Sweet Technique: Using the Artificial Sweetener, Acesulfame, as an Indicator of Urine in Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

Lindsay Blackstock
Monday, March 22, 2021 at 2pm MST | 4pm EST 

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In my presentation I will emphasize the importance of disinfection to prevent the transmission of waterborne illness, and weigh the unintentional formation of disinfection byproducts(DBPs). I will then summarize the potential adverse health effects associated with exposure to trichloramine; an irritating DBP commonly formed in recreational waters with known precursors (e.g., urea from urine and sweat).

Next I will describe the inspiration and research behind the use of artificial sweetener acesulfame as an indicator of urine in swimming pools and hot tubs. The publication of this research went viral online across the globe. It lead to over 100 news articles, dozens of interviews, as well as unique opportunities to collaborate with mainstream science platforms in an effort to educate the public. I will finish by reiterating the advancements, limitations and lessons learned from the experience.

Lindsay Blackstock is an assistant teaching professor at Thompson Rivers University. She currently teaches first year Chemistry and is the associated Chemistry lab coordinator. Lindsay recently graduated with her PhD from the University of Alberta, specializing in Analytical and Environmental Toxicology. Her research focused on investigating relationships between artificial sweeteners and water quality. 

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