POOLaide Webinar: Business Lessons from Outside Aquatics

Business Lessons from Outside of Aquatics

Pam Wright & Laura Buso 
Friday, March 19, 2021 at 11am MST | 1pm EST 

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I love aquatics, BUT! Sometimes our perspective is too small. I’ve brought together two professionals from outside of recreation/aquatics to serve as inspiration. It's important to grow outside your comfort zone.  

Forget About Perfect; Small Improvements Make All The Difference

Pam Wright has worked for Adobe for 15 years in four countries (Canada, USA, Australia, and the UK), across the functions of Finance, Operations, and Business Strategy. Currently based in London UK with her Canadian husband, she loves travelling, cooking, reading books, and working on cool stuff with smart people. Her father passed away unexpectedly when she was 13, and since then it's been Pam's mission to live each day so that she can look back every night and say that she is proud of what she accomplished and how she treated others.

Harnessing the Power of People
We'll discuss how to form lasting, profitable connections with your employees and clients; how to discover what motivates them; and, how to uncover and clarify your business vision, mission, and core values.

Laura Buso is a communications professional based in Boston, Massachusetts and has 10 years of experience in community engagement roles. She is the administrative partner to a CEO of a biotech; the leader of an adaptive running team for athletes with disabilities; and, a freelance designer and marketing consultant. Her wide-ranging professional experience includes labor union organizing, financial education, and public relations. Building community is what drives her. Laura has a B.A. from Simmons University and an A.L.M. from Harvard University, where she was honored with the Derek Bok Public Service Award for long-standing leadership in community service. Laura is a runner, world traveler (pre-covid), wine student, and wanna-be home chef. She can be reached at busolauraATgmail.com 

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