Consulting Services

If the pool is the most frustrating part of your job, we can change that. We provide management consulting specific to aquatics and recreation projects of any size. Our consulting leads with kindness, and we never judge how you arrived at the current situation. 

Our services are different from architects, engineers, sales reps and other "dry" consultants who haven't spent thousands of hours on pool decks or in mechanical rooms. The former don't necessarily understand the practicalities of how a pool operates day-to-day. We also don't rep products, so our recommendations will actually solve your problem.

We work with many types of organizations: municipal, hospitality, property management, post-secondary, non-profit, camps, the military, swim schools & more. This means we have a wide breadth of knowledge and experience across the industry. 

A 30-minute, no-obligation consultation is always free. We will assess your problems before recommending a path to move forward, including a detailed proposal should you decide to work with us. All consulting is custom. Pricing reflects the fact that there are no quick fixes if you don't want to end up in the same situation again. 

 Recent projects: 

  • staff manual development
  • organizational structure review
  • staff recruitment & retention plan 
  • standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • pool space allocation policy
  • emergency procedures
  • regulatory compliance documentation 
  • health & safety documentation 
  • facility usage, design & needs assessment
  • facility assessment (mystery shopping)
  • monthly 1:1 coaching sessions
  • event consulting