Event Consulting

After hosting 1500 participants during the POOLaide webinars, multiple years organizing a profitable conference with a budget of $450,000, and supporting countless one-day events and symposia, we now offer professional development event consulting.

Don't get caught thinking the same pre-Pandemic event is effective post-Pandemic. The proliferation of virtual and hybrid events means your audience has never had more choices when it comes spending professional development dollars. The same audience has also never been more discerning when it comes to receiving value for their money. Organizations only get one opportunity to impress attendees with a high quality event. That means looking beyond the way your organization has always done things, and refreshing the design of your professional development event. 

Services include:

  • event strategy
  • facility assessment
  • program design
  • cost positioning
  • industry analysis
  • virtual & hybrid strategies
  • marketing
  • after action review