POOLaide Webinar: Multicultural Perspectives on Lifesaving in Australia

Ramzi Hussaini
March 24, 2021

In this session, Ramzi will share his unique perspective as a refugee who arrived in Australia not knowing how to swim. A graduate of Life Saving Victoria's multicultural training program, Ramzi shares what motivates him to keep families safe around water and what makes him proud to be a lifesaver. 

Ramzi Hussaini is the Life Saving Victoria (Australia) Multicultural Project Officer and a Bonbeach Life Saving Club member. Originally born in Afghanistan, Ramzi and his family moved to Pakistan and lived there until late 2011 when they made the risky journey by boat to Australia as asylum seekers and refugees. Ramzi now loves teaching lifesaving and water safety to others. 

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Show Notes

Powerpoint Slides

00:00 Early start with Katie Crysdale

14:30 Welcome

15:57 Presentation

50:45 Q & A

1:23:27 Conclusion


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