POOLaide Webinar: Indoor Pool Air Quality: Modern Research & Practical Solutions

Brent Miller 
March 26, 2021 

Your pool doesn’t have to smell like a pool!  Follow your nose to a session that summarizes the issue of indoor pool air quality with guidance from modern research & best practices.  The discussion will include information on strategies and technologies that can improve any pool. This session is suitable for all aquatic professionals; no previous pool operations experience is required. 

Brent Miller has 20 years of aquatics experience, starting as a lifeguard/instructor and eventually finding his passion in the mechanical room.  For the past 14 years as an employee at Automated Aquatics Canada, Brent has had the privilege to help pool operators across Western Canada to optimize their pool water treatment.  In addition to being a professional smeller of pool air, Brent’s skills include assessing the risk of getting stuck on pool drain covers and figuring out how well a pool system can filter out poop particles.    

In 2020 Brent served on the filtration/circulation technical support committee for the Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code (CMAHC) and was an observer member for the PHTA-7 Standard Writing Committee (anti-entrapment avoidance).  Pool air quality has always been a subject Brent has been interested in and has followed the research for several years.  With new technology to allowing for quicker pool side testing of trichloramine in the air, Brent has been able to implement testing plans and control strategies to give insight and results for successful air quality management.   

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Show Notes

Presentation Slides

00:00 Early start with Katie Crysdale

18:08 Welcome 

20:23 Presentation

1:55:25 Q & A


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