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Alberta Pool Standards
Alberta Regulation 204/2014
Approved Pool Operator Education Organizations
Notification for Renovations, Alterations or Change in Operating Procedures of a Public Swimming Pool

British Columbia
BC Regulation 296/2010
Guidelines for Pool Operations, Version 2
Health Protection Basic Pool Safety Plan

Swimming Pools & Other Water Recreational Facilities Regulation
Fecal & Vomit Incident Protocol
Diaper Requirements in Pools 
Routine Swimming Pool Inspection Safety & Sanitation Checklist

New Brunswick
Currently not regulated by provincial legislation.

Newfoundland & Labrador
CNLR Public Pool Regulation 1023/96
Public Pool Standards & Guidelines

Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Operational Guidelines for Aquatic Facilities
Criteria for Immediate Closure of a Pool 
Are you Prepared for a Body Fluid Release Incident?

Operating Swimming Pools Quick Facts
Operating Hot tubs/Spas Quick Facts
Preventing Recreational Waterborne Illness

Nunavut & Northwest Territories
Public Pool Regulations, RRNWT (Nu) 1990

RRO 1990, Reg. 565: Public Pools

Ontario Court of Justice: Schedule 39 - fines 
Recreational Water Reference Document
City of Toronto: Public Pool, Spa, and Class C Operator's Manual
Pool & Spa Safety at Home 

Regulation respecting safety in public baths
Checklist for the safety equipment - public baths swimming pools and wading pools (French)

Prince Edward Island
Swimming Pool & Water Slide Regulations

Swimming Pool Design & Operational Standards
Whirlpool Design & Operation Standards

Yukon Territory
Public Pool Regulations: Public Health Act - O.I.C. 1989/130

Pool water sampling instructions


Pool Operations
Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act 

CDC Fecal Incident Response Recommendations
Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC)
WorkSafe BC Chloramine Standard
Pool Safely
Healthy Swimming 
Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (formerly national Swimming Pool Foundation)
Part 1207 - Safety Standards for Swimming Pool Slides (USA)
ANSI/APSP Standards on ISSUU

Drowning Prevention
Canadian Drowning Prevention Plan

Canadian Red Cross Swimming, Boating & Water Safety Tips 

Alberta Barrier-free Design Guide

Red Cross Aquatic Safety Plan 
Nova Scotia Aquatic Facility Safety Plan Template

Lifesaving Society National Standards
Bathing Apparel Standard

Bather Admission Standard
Bather-to-Lifeguard Ratio Standard 
Breastfeeding in Swimming Pools
Safety Equipment Standard
Lighting Levels Standard
Public Pool Safety Standards for Canadian Public Pools

List of Pool Publications (Magazines)