POOLaide Webinar: Person Centered, Person Directed Approach to Recreation Programming

Shauna Reles & Alicia Andrusiak
March 12, 2021 

During our presentation we will explore:

  • The difference between person centered and person directed care
  • Focusing on individual strengths
  • Assessing, Planning, Implementing and Evaluating programs
  • How to adapt programs for various abilities and changing cognitions
  • Resources that can be used
  • Focusing on the domains of well-being

Shauna Reles is the Eden Community Builder at Eden Care Communities in Regina, Saskatchewan. Her focus is to create a culture of care that is person-centered and person direction and to create an environment where individuals are able to flourish and thrive. Shauna has been working with seniors for 9 years in both supportive living and long-term care settings. Shauna has her bachelor’s degree in Sport and Recreation Studies with a Therapeutic Recreation Major and a minor is Psychology. Shauna is passionate about providing person-centered and person-directed care to individuals of all ages and abilities and focusing on individual strengths to help improve quality of life.

Alicia Andrusiak is a Recreation Therapist at a long-term care home called Regina Lutheran Home. She has worked there over three years. Alicia has spent most of her career working with older adults and seniors in long term care, but also has worked with an adult day support program and younger adults with diverse cognitive and physical abilities in group home settings. Alicia graduated with a Bachelors of Sport and Recreation Management with a Major in Therapeutic Recreation and a Minor in Psychology. Alicia is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. In her experience as a Recreation Therapist, no matter how busy her day gets, she feels a strong connection to the purpose of her work and the individuals she serves through the relationships that are built.

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Show Notes

Powerpoint Slides

00:00​​ Early start with Katie Crysdale ​

16:30 Welcome ​

18:59 Presentation

1:20:20 Q & A

1:39:04 Conclusion


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