POOLaide Webinar: Working with Different Generations in Aquatics

Working with Different Generations in Aquatics 

Katie Cleasby
Monday, March 8, 2021 at 11am MST | 1pm EST 

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The demographics of today’s workforce is changing and providing greater challenges for present and future leaders. Increasing number of generations are working together with differing communication styles, values, and knowledge. From “baby boomers, “generation “X,” “millennials,” Gen “Z,” and Gen “Alpha,” this presentation will cover the generations as each is unique and can contribute to the success of your aquatic’s organization.

Katie Cleasby is the Aquatics Coordinator at Claude Moore Recreation and Community Center in Loudoun County, Virginia. She has a background in Aquatics including lifeguarding and pool operation, teaching Physical Education, Athletic Administration and is currently working on her Doctorate Degree as part of the Executive Leadership Program at George Washington University. She has a passion for leadership, travel, lives a plant based lifestyle, and enjoys training for triathlons and marathons. 

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