POOLaide Webinar: Transferring Practical Knowledge from Waterparks to Community Pools: Waterslides

Ryan Jones, HUB Aquatic Solutions
March 5, 2021 

Pulling back the curtain all the way on one of the most universally famous water attractions – the waterslide. A deep dive on what makes this feature so seductive, how to exploit its full potential, and provide the secrets to draw in bigger crowds. If you are wondering about adding entertainment value to a facility or are curious about what keeps slides safe and fun, we’ll cover the fundamentals and share a glimpse into the future of the not-so-humble waterslide.

Ryan Jones’ background includes 30 years in the planning, procurement, building, operations and maintenance of aquatic centers and waterparks around the world. He created HUB Aquatic Solutions, a unique consulting platform specialized in aquatic features, to support Operators as they explore options, identify and mitigate risk, and create successful facilities. His passion for the aquatics industry has always been fueled by the creative process and the open sharing of experience that make it such a great community.

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