POOLaide Webinar: Last Call - Looking to the Future + Q & A

POOLaide Webinar: Last Call - Looking to the Future + Q & A

Originally aired May 22, 2020
Presentation by Katie Crysdale

The POOLaide Webinars are ending! After 1,582 participants from 10 countries attended 27 webinars with 34 presenters resulting in 48+ hours of live content for one aquatic community, we're going on hiatus. Join us to see what's coming up next and how we plan to serve you in the future. 

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Katie Crysdale
Katie has 18 years of experience in progressive leadership roles (lifeguard, pool operator, programmer, facility manager) in the aquatic industry. Katie is passionate about teaching Lifesaving Society, Canadian Red Cross, and Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) - formerly National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) - classes to students in Canada and around the world. Katie is also a frequent conference and workshop presenter. 

Whether you are new to aquatics or a life-long poolie, Katie can provide the support and mentorship you need to succeed. In 2020, Katie started the POOLaide webinars because she saw a critical need to bring the aquatics industry together during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Katie has a B.A. from the University of Toronto and an M.A. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Katie was awarded The Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth Council Certificate of Thanks in 2015 for valuable service in water safety and drowning prevention. 

When she's not sharing her passion for pools, Katie can be found hiking up big mountains, reading books on topics ranging from North Korea to whaling, traveling to new countries, and devouring delicious food. 

Katie can be reached by email at katie@lakeviewaquaticconsultants.com Follow her adventures on Instagram, the best articles reshared on Facebook and exclusive content via the email newsletter.  


Show Notes

00:00 Early start with Katie Crysdale, Lakeview Aquatic Consultants Ltd. 

20:45 Welcome

23:05 Presentation 

24:31 What are some of the most common mistakes by pool managers & operators?

28:28 What are the steps to become a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) instructor?

38:10 Why did you move to Alberta from Ontario? Tell us about your path.

44:33 What made you decide to start your own business?  
(Part II)  
*Correction: we moved to Southern Alberta in 2016, not 2006.

53:13 What made you decide to move from aquatic management to consulting? (Part I)

55:00 Let's pretend that COVID-19 is under control by wintertime. What lasting changes do you anticipate for the aquatics field? Example: 9/11 led to bag checks and later clear bag policies at stadiums and other large events.

58:53 What are differences in aquatic facilities you see across Canada? e.g. Alberta vs. Ontario, Canadian Red Cross vs. Lifesaving Society

1:00:54 Share some interesting patron, lifeguard, operator, staff, etc. stories/experiences

1:02:03 How can we support your business or make a donation or help to support you? 

1:05:55 What's next?

1:08:41 Thank you + Q & A

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