POOLaide Webinar: Making Aquatic Inservice Realistic: Foam & More!


Presentation by Kelly Martinez, Lifeguards Love YouTube
Originally aired April 17, 2020

We owe it to our staff to prepare them for realistic situations. Did you know that foam is present during many drowning (submersion) rescues? Are your lifeguards prepared to deal with GROSS?  This session will include simple strategies using basic supplies from the grocery store to take your staff training to the next level. 

Kelly Martinez
Kelly has been an Aquatic Professional since 1992.  She is currently an Aquatic Recreation Coordinator III for the City of Phoenix, Arizona supervising 29 aquatic facilities and over 500 part-time pool managers, lifeguards, swim instructors and support staff.  Kelly is also the co-founder of the website, Lifeguards Love Youtube which is a video library and resource for aquatic professionals to supplement lifeguard training.

Kelly has been presenting nationally and internationally for over 15 years, challenging the status quo and questioning practices that are based on “this is how it has always been done.”  This mindset led her to audit everything and then strive to plug the holes. After conducting hundreds of audits, such as Mystery Shopper Audits, Shallow Water Blackout Audits, and Baby Manikin Drop Audits, she now enjoys sharing what she has learned to help eliminate drownings in lifeguarded facilities.

Show Notes

00:00 early start with Katie Crysdale, Lakeview Aquatic Consultants Ltd. 

30:08 Welcome

30:52 Introducing Kelly Martinez

33:50 Presentation   

Videos embedded in presentation are available at Lifeguards Love YouTube or are individually linked below.

40:25 Mystery shopper with drinking straw video

44:21 Guard scanning video

48:00 Over-prompting video

1:01:27 Prehospital Treatment of Drowning by Dr. Sempsrott video

1:01:35 Huntington Beach foam video

1:02:16 Asian beach drowning video

1:03:30 Child foaming on beach video

1:05:10 Thailand river drowning with vomit video

1:08:20 Syrian soldier agonal breathing video

1:09:55 Bondi Beach Rescue agonal breathing video (in chat box)

1:10:35 How to make a foaming manikin video - Part I
              How to make a foaming manikin video - Part II

1:13:22 Foaming in-water breathing video

1:14:34 Foaming in-water breathing video (Fizz & Sprite)

1:15:20 Kryolan foaming capsules video

1:19:35 Mechanism of injury video

1:28:00 End of Presentation

1:30:00 Q & A with Kelly

1:54:23 Wrap Up

Links/Sources Discussed 

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