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POOLaide Webinar: Turning a Vision into a Reality - How to Implement Aquatic Projects

Originally aired May 15, 2020
Presentation by Lisa Reinders, Quantum Recreation

The focus of this session is getting you inspired to get started on bigger aquatic projects. How do you get started, find allies and alliances, maintain momentum, and do succession planning?

Powerpoint Slides

Lisa Reinders
Lisa is a passionate community developer, visionary leader, and innovator. 

Show Notes

00:00 Early start with Katie Crysdale 

18:17 Welcome & Introductions

21:29 Presentation 

1:04:20 Q & A

1:22:40 Wrap Up

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Alberta Association of Aquatic Professionals (AAAP) Meeting Show Notes 

Alberta Association of Aquatic Professionals (AAAP) 

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