POOLaide Webinar: Engaging Youth: Developing a Junior Lifeguard Club

Originally aired April 29, 2020

Do you have a junior lifeguard club at your facility? Whether it's training for lifesaving sport competitions or simply providing life skills to youth, developing a junior lifeguard club can be the solution to many problems. 

Powerpoint Slides 

Adrian Spencer, Guardian Lifesaving Club (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Claudine Courteau-Godmaire, Rouville Surf Club (Montreal, Quebec)

Show Notes

00:00 Early start with Katie Crysdale, Lakeview Aquatic Consultants Ltd. 

28:20 Welcome & Introductions

31:00 Presentation 

1:22:50 Q & A

1:47:00 Wrap Up


Links/Sources Discussed 

Friday, April 24 webinar recording & show notes

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Friday, April 24 webinar recording & show notes

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