POOLaide Webinar: Preparing for Summer Startup: Are you Ready?

POOLaide Webinar: Preparing for Summer Startup: Are you Ready?

Presentation by Tim Auerhahn, Aquatic Council
Originally aired April 10, 2020

Seasonal pools already require a lot of work to startup, and this year you have even less time due to COVID-19. Start planning now to maximize a very small window. 

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Blog Post: Countdown to Summer: a Week by Week Pool Opening Checklist

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Tim Auerhahn
Tim is a five-time recipient of the Distinguished Instructor Award issued by the World Aquatic Health Conference. Since 2015 he has certified more operators worldwide than any other instructor. As an alumnus of The Ohio State University, Tim has served in various operations, education, risk-management and leadership capacities with nationally recognized brands, athletic facilities and universities.Tim combines over 15 years of aquatic operations expertise with adult education, business strategy and leadership principles.

Show Notes

00:00 early start - webinar hangout with Katie Crysdale, Lakeview Aquatic Consultants Ltd. 

28:33 Welcome

32:20 Introducing Tim Auerhahn, Aquatic Council

33:55 Presentation

1:04:02 End of Presentation

1:05:05 Q & A with Tim

1:49:35 Wrap Up

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