CEUs for POOLaide Webinars

CEUs for POOLaide Webinars

We are pleased to announce that Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available from several organizations for qualifying POOLaide Webinars. 

Note: the POOLaide Webinars are FREE but individual organizations may charge to process/issue CEUs. 

If you represent an organization that would also like to offer CEUs to members, please email katie@lakeviewaquaticconsultants.com to get access to learning outcomes and assessments for the IACET paperwork. 

Association of Aquatic Professionals (AOAP)

Illinois Parks & Recreation Association (IPRA)
Each webinar will qualify for 0.1 CEUs each, except for 3/23 and 4/24.  Upon completion of each webinar, members are encouraged to complete IPRA's Individual CEU Application (include your receipt or certificate of completion) and submit $5 for a CEU form. Please contact Duane Smith at duane@ilipra.org for questions about the CEU application.

Kentucky Recreation & Parks Society (KRPS)

Texas Recreation & Parks Society (TRAPS)
Anyone is eligible to receive CEUs from TRAPS for $15/qualifying POOLaide webinar or an introductory TRAPS membership ($55) gets you five (5) free CEUs during COVID. Please click here for more information. 


Iowa Parks & Recreation Association (IPRA)




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