POOLaide Webinar: Virtual Inservice - Now & Beyond

POOLaide Webinar: Virtual Inservice - Now & Beyond

Originally aired May 18, 2020
Presentation by Kristen Hinton & Chelsea Kemp, University of North Texas

The experience of physically isolating during the COVID-19 Pandemic has changed aquatic inservice (training) forever. Learn how you can use virtual inservice now and in the post-COVID future. 

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Kristen Hinton
Kristen is the Assistant Director of Aquatics for the University of North Texas Recreational Sports department, located in Denton, Texas. Kristen established her foundation in aquatics 8 years ago; she has since been spreading her love for the water by advocating and teaching about water safety. Kristen is a certified National Swimming Pool Foundation CPO and a certified American Red Cross LGIT, WSIT, and First Aid/CPR/AED IT. Kristen is also a level 1 member coach for the American Swimming Coaches Association. 

Kristen has been with North Texas University for the past two years, where prior to that she was running both aquatics and intramurals as the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation at Texas Lutheran University. Kristen is native to Texas where she earned her MS in Recreation and Leisure studies at Texas State University and a graduate from Texas Lutheran University obtaining her BS in Kinesiology and BA in Art.  Aside from loving all things water related Kristen is an avid distance runner and big into the sport of CrossFit. Kristen can be contacted at Kristen.Hinton@unt.edu

Chelsea Kemp
Chelsea graduated with her BS in Kinesiology from Texas Lutheran University as a first generation student. She is continuing her education as the Graduate Assistant of Aquatics for the University of North Texas Recreational Sports department where she will receive her MS in Recreation Management.

Chelsea is a certified National Swimming Pool Foundation CPO who holds her LGI and WSI with the American Red Cross and aspires to obtain IT status in both areas. Chelsea has a strong foundation leading teams having served as a peer mentor, intramural supervisor, and head lifeguard. In her free time Chelsea enjoys participating in sport leagues and being out in the sun with her pup Nova. Chelsea can be contacted at Chelsea.Kemp@unt.edu  

Show Notes

00:00 Early start with Katie Crysdale, Lakeview Aquatic Consultants Ltd. 

22:00 Welcome & Introductions

25:58 Presentation 

1:12:15 Q & A

1:47:25 Wrap Up

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Katie on

Hi Joan, thank you so much for your kind words! The show notes have been updated to include the list of resources Kristen & Chelsea mentioned in their session – it’s linked above by the downloadable Powerpoint slides. If you have any other questions, please let me know!

Joan McCallum on

Hi Katie,
Thank you again for hosting all the amazing webinars! I found them incredibly informative, relevant, and full of ideas that could be practically implemented. On the “Virtual Inservice” webinar – with Kristen Hinton and Chelsea Kemp, there had been some mention that their on-line training documents might be posted in the show notes. I’m just checking in to see if that’s still in the works? If not, no worries, I will reach out to them directly.
Best wishes and a sincere “Thank You”!
Joan McCallum

PS. Let me know if you’re ever in California. Would love to show you the facility I work at!

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