Psychological First Aid Session

Originally aired March 25, 2020. 

Thank you so much for joining us today! This empowerment session is based on the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) Psychological First Aid (PFA) program. This session is not a substitute for a complete class. For more information about this program or to find a class in your area, please click here

Christian Clavelle
Teaching first-aid and everything safety related has resulted in many life changing experiences for me. Over the years, I’ve become a passionate believer in the power of learning and am reminded and motivated daily to continue helping others to learn how to help in the event of an emergency; at work, home or play.
With 2 beautiful children (that keep me very busy) and an amazingly supportive wife, I count myself blessed when it comes to the work that I’ve chosen to do and hope to continue making a difference in the first-aid world.
Canadian First Aid Training Ltd. 

Show Notes
00:00 early hangout with Katie Crysdale
29:10 Introducing Christian Clavelle 
37:50 Program Overview
41:48 Course Objectives
42:25 What is Psychological First Aid?
45:55 Role of the Psychological First Aider
46:46 Connecting People
48:28 Look, Listen, Link, Live
54:55 Introduction to Self-Care
59:53 Decompressing/Coping Strategies
1:02:25 Building Resiliency
1:05:30 Personal Factors
1:06:27 Types of Stress
1:10:40 Caring for Others 
1:24:50 Other resources (linked below)
1:34:34 Announcements
1:38:48 Q & A with Christian & Katie
1:44:50 Polling 
2:00:00 Wrap Up

Psychological First Aid (PFA) Handout 
Presenter's PowerPoint Slides
Canadian Red Cross Psychological First Aid Pocket Guide
Canadian Red Cross Psychological First Aid Program Fact Sheet
Canadian Red Cross Psychological First Aid : Self-Care
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Why You Need to Learn Psychological First Aid
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