As consultants, we generally do not represent or endorse products or services, ensuring that our opinions are unbiased and 100% our own. We are a trusted authority in the commercial aquatic industry, and we're not prepared to give that value away for a paycheck. 

On very rare occasions we work with a brand, product, service, facility or perspective that we genuinely love and brings value to other aquatic professionals. Any partnership will be clearly identified on the website, social media, video, article, etc. All other Lakeview Aquatic Consultants content or products (not labeled as a promotion or partnership) is entirely self-generated and self-funded. 

Please review this website carefully prior to contacting us. We reserve the right to decline any meeting requests that do not suit us or reflect a poor understanding of the services we provide. Compensation will not influence professional opinion under any circumstance whatsoever. 

We are also not here to give you free advice regarding a product's advertising, audience, market share or positioning in the aquatic industry. If you are looking for help with this, please contact us to book consulting services.