Participant Feedback

"Thank you! Your course was amazing. I have to say I am very grateful it was virtual rather than in class. Had I been in class with a group of people, I would have been far too nervous to ask so many questions. Course delivery was excellent, very thorough."

"Between your Certified Pool Operator (CPO) class this week, and my last CPO class in Atlantic City at the Pool & Spa Show, there's no comparison."

"I wanted to mention how helpful your course has been in my day-to-day work life. I feel much more informed about the basics of what goes on in our facility and I wanted to thank you for giving such a clear, understandable course that provided me with a lot of practical knowledge. My husband took his CPO a few years ago [with a different instructor] and left his course feeling like he really had not gained any practical knowledge at all. I was pleasantly surprised that this was not the case for me."

"Great teacher! Came into this class feeling overwhelmed but exceeded my expectations!"

"As a person with a medical background and safety in mind, the content was extremely thorough and informative. During this time where we have to socially distance, this class [on Zoom] was really well prepared; Katie did an excellent job of delivering the information. I truly look forward to working with her in the near future."

"I also wanted to say how fully prepared I felt after Katie finished the CPO class this morning!"

"Thank you again for your professionalism. Your knowledge on the topic was very clear from minute #1." 

"Just finished the course instructed by Katie. Quite informative and who knew handling a pool or spa required that much information. I will recommend her to everyone. She made it easy to understand the technical jargon, set the right pace and was readily available to answer any questions."

"I want to thank you for the CPO class. You have the rare ability to communicate clearly and concisely. For a very dense, packed subject you gave tons of examples, making the subject matter that much easier to digest. There is no other person who can teach CPO the way you did. Don't let people say otherwise."

"THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope one day I have even close to the wealth of experience and knowledge you have. Thank you for being an amazing resource and sounding board. This will help me tremendously. I am so bad with words when I am trying to get everything out and you have helped me immensely." 

"I really enjoyed the course and you were very easy to follow along with. This was my first time taking the pool course."

"Thank you for teaching the CPO class. This has reignited my passion and desire to continue learning. Passing the test affirmed I can do hard things, and I’m now working to apply for graduate school in Recreation Administration. I appreciate you being part of this journey with me."

"Thank you for being such a strong advocate for accessible professional development for the aquatics industry!" 

"Thank you. You taught my boss this course, and he said you were the best. He is absolutely right, YOU'RE THE BEST!!!" 

"Thank you very much Katie, I enjoyed your teaching style so much. I know it's hard teaching over Zoom but I was able to pay attention the entire time because of how passionate you are about the exam." 

"I really enjoyed listening to your passion and knowledge in this course!"

"This was a great course, thanks a lot. I really appreciate [Katie's] knowledge and skills for me to start in this industry." 

"I have had a few people ask about your class, and they are very disappointed that no one told them about Lakeview Aquatic Consultants before they did the course with another organization." 

"Thank you so much for a great and information class. I look forward to applying what I have learned to the facility here to create a safe and enjoyable space. Lots still to learn, but your class laid a good foundation to get started." 

"Thanks for always being available to us to answer questions, you have made a tremendous impact on our business." 

"I wanted to send a huge thank you for the course you ran.  I learned a lot and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would (I mean that in the best way as this is really out of my wheel house)."