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 Hear what our clients are saying - 

"Katie was very knowledgeable and very passionate about the course. She was very helpful and constantly was providing additional help and information when questions arose. I loved her passion and enthusiasm."

"Katie is a great teacher. If you have any questions, ask." 

"Very thorough and presented in a simplified manner, especially for someone who has little knowledge of this field."

"Katie is very knowledgeable not only in theory but also in actual practice." 

"Clear instruction - Katie had good wait times to let everyone answer the math questions. Great, clear communication. Excellent to see the facility room."

"Love the enthusiasm and knowledge you bring to the table."

"Very well spoken and has a firm understanding of the concepts she is teaching, well done!"

“Loved our instructor (Katie) she was awesome and worked hard to help me understand”

"Very informative - Katie knows both sides (lifeguard & operations) of the pool and gives both perspectives."

“Knows her stuff, was very patient and helpful”

"Lots of useful information that pertains to my job...It was a fun learning opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, no complaints."

"Great presence, slideshow presentations were good, good tone of voice and great q & a."

"Great intro to pools. I had almost no knowledge before, learned a lot of key concepts."