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"Katie and Lakeview Aquatics Consultants has been an invaluable resource for our Aquatics Department. Her knowledge and generosity has been amazing, and her support has helped not only myself, but our operations department as well."

"We met Katie during our CPO course in Ottawa a couple years ago and right away, we were very impressed by her deep knowledge of the industry but also by practicality that you don’t learn in a text book. Since we have started KidsCanSwim, she has been our secret weapon to deal with your challenge and to grow our business. If you are looking for someone who is very knowledgeable in aquatic consulting services and truly cares for the success of your operations, Katie is your only answer in Canada, period."

"Katie was very knowledgeable and very passionate about the course. She was very helpful and constantly was providing additional help and information when questions arose. I loved her passion and enthusiasm."

“Loved our instructor (Katie) she was awesome and worked hard to help me understand.”

"Very informative - Katie knows both sides (lifeguard & operations) of the pool and gives both perspectives."

"Lots of useful information that pertains to my job...It was a fun learning opportunity."

"Very well spoken and has a firm understanding of the concepts she is teaching, well done!"

"Great intro to pools. I had almost no knowledge before, learned a lot of key concepts."