How It Works: Online CPO Training

The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) Certified Pool Operator (CPO) class is available 100% online via Zoom due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We wish we could be together in person, but that's not practical for the foreseeable future. 

Here are the steps we're taking to provide you the same high quality instruction you've come to expect in a convenient online format: 

  • live, in-person virtual classroom (webinar) instruction by Katie Crysdale on Zoom 
  • class size capped at 20 people
  • dynamic classroom environment with presentation slides, videos, quizzes, live chat and group engagement 
  • 4-hour per day delivery model so you can still live your life: three (3) days of class, one (1) day of testing 
  • one-on-one student support via phone, email, or private webinar
  • students must have access to a computer, tablet, smartphone or combination thereof with a stable internet connection and camera
  • 3-hour licensing exam administered through a secure, third-party testing website (Testrac)

CPO classes are metric math (centimeter, meter, liter) not US imperial (inches, feet, gallons). American students are welcome to register in our group classes - we will provide a personal tutoring session for math and an imperial exam. (Book contains both metric & imperial math). Private CPO classes can be imperial or metric.

Books are shipped to your location from Alberta via Canada Post or FedEx.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For general information about the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) Certified Pool Operator class please click here. For general Certified Pool Operator (CPO) class frequently asked questions (FAQ), please click here

How does the virtual classroom work?
You are required to attend three (3) days (12 hours) of online virtual instruction and complete an online exam. Certification is achieved after successfully completing the online exam. The exam is invigilated and must be performed under the video supervision of the instructor on a third-party website. 

Do I need to be in Canada to take this class?
No! We can train anyone anywhere in the world. The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) Certified Pool Operator (CPO) class is currently accredited in 105 countries. 

What time will the class be?
Class times are typically from 10 am - 2pm EST. 

Why is the price in Canadian dollars?
We are a Canadian-based company. Shopify, our host, or Paypal will convert the amount to the currency of your choice; tax may apply depending on location. 

Why is the price the same as an in-person CPO class?
The price is the same because we deliver the same quality instruction and individual support. We also pay additional fees such shipping books to your location plus an exam fee during online CPO classes. 

Are you offering the fusion/blended training with Pool Operator Primer (POP)? 
We offer this option by request only - please contact us.

Refund Policy
Due to limited seats and high demand, there will be no refunds for online Certified Pool Operator (CPO) classes 48 hours after purchase. Transfers (person or date) will be permitted.