Partner with Us!

If you like what you see, have you thought about partnering with us? 

What you can offer: a product, service, facility, new perspective that is genuinely valuable to aquatic professionals, whether pool operators, facility managers, lifeguards, swim instructors, etc. 

What we can offer: a unique, passionate and educated perspective from someone who has worked in the commercial aquatic industry from the ground up.

Opportunities to partner: 

  • facility tours
  • product reviews
  • writing projects
  • speaking engagements
  • something completely different!

We are interested in genuine opportunities for learning that are relevant to our clients. This particularly includes facilities (including the filter room!) otherwise difficult to access; we cherish the opportunity to showcase this information with our clients. 

Any partnership will be clearly identified on this website, social media, etc. Any content not labeled as such is entirely self-generated and self-funded. Sharing the information is enjoyable, and considered a value or service to our clients. 

We reserve the right to decline any requests that do not suit our brand or needs. Compensation will not influence professional opinion; substandard products will be returned without feature or review. 

To move forward with a partnership, please email your vision to