POOLaide Webinar: The Inclusive Aquatics Inventory

POOLaide Webinar: The Inclusive Aquatics Inventory

Originally aired May 8, 2020
Presentation by Kate Connell & Sydney Stodola, City of Iowa City

Audit your aquatic programming, pool policies, and personnel practices for access and inclusivity. In this interactive workshop, we’ll talk through action steps to take now and as you reopen to make your aquatic spaces equitable for your community and your team.

Powerpoint Slides

ABCs of Inclusion

Language of Inclusion

Inclusion Scorecard

Toolkit for Courageous Conversations

3 P’s Checklist: Programming

3 P’s Checklist: Personnel

3 P’s Checklist: Policy

Equitable Aquatics Facebook Group

Show Notes

00:00 Early start with Katie Crysdale

25:48 Welcome & Introductions

26:45  Presentation 

1:40:22 Q & A

1:50:08 Wrap Up

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