POOLaide Webinar: Psychological First Aid Empowerment Session

POOLaide Webinar: Psychological First Aid Empowerment Session

Presentation by Christian Clavelle, Canadian First Aid Training Ltd.
Originally aired Wednesday, March 25, 2020. 

Thank you so much for joining us today! This empowerment session is based on the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) Psychological First Aid (PFA) program. This session is not a substitute for a complete class. 

For more information about this program or to find a class in your area, please click here

Christian Clavelle
Teaching first-aid and everything safety related has resulted in many life changing experiences for me. Over the years, I’ve become a passionate believer in the power of learning and am reminded and motivated daily to continue helping others to learn how to help in the event of an emergency; at work, home or play.

With 2 beautiful children (that keep me very busy) and an amazingly supportive wife, I count myself blessed when it comes to the work that I’ve chosen to do and hope to continue making a difference in the first-aid world.

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Resources for Webinar

Psychological First Aid (PFA) Handout (PDF)

Presenter's Powerpoint Slides (PPT)

Canadian Red Cross Psychological First Aid Pocket Guide (PDF)

Canadian Red Cross Psychological First Aid Program Fact Sheet (PDF) 

Show Notes

00:00: early start - webinar hangout with Katie Crysdale, Lakeview Aquatic Consultants Ltd. 

26:10: Welcome If your organization wants to provide CEUs for these webinars, please email katie@lakeviewaquaticconsultants.com 

29:10: Introducing Christian Clavelle, Canadian First Aid Training Ltd. 

30:15: Icebreaker

33:05: Christian's introduction & sharing how he got connected to Psychological First Aid

37:50: Program Overview

41:48: Course Objectives

42:25: What is Psychological First Aid?

45:55: Role of the Psychological First Aider 

46:46: Connecting People

48:28: Look, Listen, Link, Live

54:55: Introduction to Self-Care

59:53: Decompressing/Coping Strategies

1:02:25: Building Resiliency

1:03:29: Resiliency

1:05:30: Personal Factors

1:06:27: Types of Stress

1:10: 40: Caring for Others 

1:24:15: End of Presentation

1:24:50: Other useful resources (linked below)

1:34:34: Announcements

1:38:48: Q & A with Christian & Katie

1:44:50: Polling 

2:00:00: Wrap Up

Links/Sources Discussed 

March 23 POOLaide Webinar recording & show notes

Lakeview Aquatic Consultants (Facebook page)

Lakeview Aquatic Consultants (Instagram)

Lakeview Aquatic Consultants Newsletter Signup



Canadian Red Cross Psychological First Aid Pocket Guide 
Link is currently not working due to high volume - download from link under Resources for Webinar (top of this page). 

Offering Psychological First Aid (PFA) Training Courses (video)

Psychological First Aid Instructors (PFAI) Facebook Group (Closed)

Mental Health First Aid USA

American Psychological Association Disaster Mental Health Trainings 

Complete Mental Health Guide During COVID-19 Pandemic (Vancouver, BC-based wellness clinic)

Sample Self-Care Plan 

Help Seeker

American Red Cross Disaster Relief & Recovery Services

Why You Need to Learn Psychological First Aid (Canadian Red Cross blog)

Free Mental Health e-learning/classes (CCOHS)

Christian Clavelle's email: cc@canadian-training.ca 

Contact information for Canadian Red Cross Psychological First Aid (PFA) programs: 

First Aid, Swimming, and Babysitting Course Information

For information or assistance regarding your First Aid or Water Safety certification, or to learn more about first aid programs for all audiences, please call 1-877-356-3226 or email us at myrcsupport@redcross.ca.

Please visit our find a course webpage or call 1-877-356-3226.

  • Contact Centre hours:  8:30 AM to 7 PM EST

To order first aid, disaster kits and other products visit products.redcross.ca.

To take the online Psychological First Aid Self-Care or Caring for Others classes (90 mins & $15 CAD/class), available to anyone around the world. 

1. Go to Find a Course

2. Plug in the parameters shown in this screenshot: 


American Red Cross

A webinar attendee kindly reached out to their regional American Red Cross (ARC) rep to see what comparable US options exist. Here is the correspondence - 

Question: "I wanted to touch base to see if you knew about a program that the Canadian Red Cross offers called "Psychological First Aid." In these days of working remotely, I attended a webinar giving an introduction to the program this afternoon. it would great if we had something comparable here for ARC. I'm attaching the course fact sheet that the presenter provided as a reference."

Response: "We do have that course available for our humanitarian volunteers and employees. I have taken the class and it is really a great course. We do not have it in the LTP market- and it is limited in delivery because of the specificity of the instructor. I am not sure whether the Canadian Red Cross is doing this in the LTP or equivalent sector or in their version of Humanitarian. I hope you enjoy the class. It was one I enjoyed."

Updated April 24

Mental Health First Aid for COVID-19 Online (American Red Cross)

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(i.e. is the website down or just your internet?) 

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