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POOLaide Webinar: Planning for Uncertainty: Aquatic Programming on the Fly

Presentation by Rishona Hyman, Aqua Essence Swim Academy & Ready, Set, Swim Foundation
Originally aired March 30, 2020

Swimming lessons, aquafit classes, and leadership courses (lifeguarding, first aid, etc.) - how do you plan your programming when we're taking life week-by-week? Learn from someone who's spent 18+ years updating programs based on someone else's changing the schedule.

Powerpoint Slides

Rishona Hyman
Rishona has a lifetime of experience in aquatics. She started her full service swim academy in Winnipeg in 2002. In 2017 she started a charitable foundation Ready, Set, Swim! She has received numerous awards for her dedication and work over the years. 

When she isn’t in the pool or at a pool she spends time with her 2 kids, husband and sheepadooodle! She also enjoys spending time with friends, eating delicious food and vacations. 

Show Notes

00:00 early start - webinar hangout with Katie Crysdale, Lakeview Aquatic Consultants Ltd. 

22:05 Welcome

23:05 Introducing Rishona Hyman, Aqua Essence Swim Academy & Ready, Set, Swim Foundation

24:30 Presentation "Planning for Uncertainty: Aquatic Programming on the Fly."

1:03:40 End of Presentation, Announcements

1:09:40 Q & A with Rishona Hyman

1:25:18 Wrap Up

Links/Sources Discussed 

March 25 webinar recording & show notes 

March 27 webinar recording & show notes 

Inservice training topics blog post link (check back soon!)

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  • Hi Pam, I just tested the hyperlink above (9 am on March 31) and a PDF does open. There are 21 slides with a purple background. Please try clearing your cookies and opening the link again, or perhaps in a different location. The file is located here: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1952/8491/files/Programing_on_the_Fly_-Aqua_Essence_-_Presentation2.pdf?v=1585508686

    Katie Crysdale
  • powerpoint presentation today March 30 is mostly empty pages. Can I get a link that works please?

    Pam Greene

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