POOLaide Webinar: Better Water Testing Techniques, Lifeguard Edition

POOLaide Webinar: Better Water Testing Techniques, Lifeguard Edition

Part I

 Part II 

Presentation by Wayne Ivusich, Taylor Technologies
Originally aired April 3, 2020

Pool operations is important enough that we don't let *just* anyone do it. Yet, lifeguards are completing important water chemistry tests without any training, and their test results are guiding chemical changes. Learn basic tips & strategies to improve water testing - and water quality - at your aquatic facility. 

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Wayne Ivusich
A 29-year industry veteran and recognized industry expert, Wayne is the Manager of Education & Technical Services at Taylor Technologies, Inc. Wayne is a CPO®, a PHTA CPO® Instructor, and is a member of the PHTA Education Cadre. Wayne edited the chemistry and testing chapters of the Pool & Spa Operator® Handbook and is an author of numerous articles on a variety of topics related to pool/spa water chemistry and testing.

Show Notes

Part I Video 

00:00 early start - webinar hangout with Katie Crysdale, Lakeview Aquatic Consultants Ltd. 

28:00 Welcome

28:30 Wayne Ivusich, Taylor Technologies

*My sincere apologies for the echo playback from 28:30 - 31:25*

31:25 Introduction by Wayne 

40:28 Presentation

1:00:25 Webinar cut off mid-session, please go to Part II

Part II Video

4:50 Restarting the presentation 

31:22 End of Presentation, Announcements

33:10 Q & A with Wayne Ivusich

39:07 Wrap Up

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Taylor Technologies (Facebook) 

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