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With over 10.5 million residential swimming pools, and 309,000 commercial aquatic facilities in the USA, you are not alone in the aquatics industry...although we often feel like it! 

Make the most of your next coffee break, and stay connected to the industry by subscribing to these trade publications. They are all FREE to you as they are sponsor-supported. 

Pool & Spa Marketing
The only Canadian publication for the swimming pool industry, it is the publication of record for the Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada (PHTCC). Regular topics include market trends in residential pool construction, challenges operating commercial aquatic facilities, as well as new retail products and upcoming industry training events in Canada. 

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Pool Pro Magazine
Not to be confused with the magazine that analyzes hockey players, or the newsletter from the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA), this publication is currently edited by Megan Kendrick (also featured on the Pool Chasers podcast). 

Articles frequently profile business owners, market conditions, product reviews, company acquisitions as well as core business concepts (e.g. marketing and CRM software) that every owner/operator should know. 

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AQUATICS International
For those operating commercial aquatic facilities, this magazine is for you! Covering large-scale facilities such as water parks, resorts and municipal recreation, articles discuss critical management functions such as lifeguarding, public relations, risk and liability, staff training and facility design. 

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SPLASH! Magazine
Australia is a mecca for swimming, and thus at the forefront of many aspects of the industry, particularly safety matters such as pool fencing and skimmer covers.

This magazine covers the "wet industry" as it's known in Oz, including articles on sustainability, construction, design, employee management, soft skills, and project features. Note: the seasons are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere, so peak pool season takes place from November - March (summer).  

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Athletic Business (AB)
This publication promises to elevate facilities, enrich programs, and elevate leaders. There's not always a ton of swimming pool content, but many commercial pool operators wear multiple hats, overseeing multi-use recreation facilities and even parks or green spaces in addition to pools and spray parks.

If you are a recreation professional, this magazine will help to keep you in the know and ahead of the game.  The annual architectural showcase issue of completed facility projects is a special treat.

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Note: all of these publications will default to sending you third party marketing materials (to support the publication), but you can easily unsubscribe to advertising content and still receive magazine subscriptions uninterrupted. 

Other publications we recently started reading - 

Aqua Magazine 
(free digital subscription to qualifying industry personnel) 

Pool & Spa News
(free digital subscription - free print subscription in the USA only)

International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education (IJARE)
(free access to PDF articles - receive alerts by joing their email list) 


Are there any other publications we missed? If so, please let us know in the comments below!


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