POOLaide Webinar: Long-term Inservice Planning for Your Pool

POOLaide Webinar: Long-term Inservice Planning for Your Pool

Presentation by Natalie Livingstone & Ashley Wolfe, ALIVE Solutions Inc. aka Aquatics Tribe
Originally aired April 1, 2020 

Join us as we talk about all things inservice.  We will focus on lessons learned and common mistakes along with strategies and tips for maximizing your inservice programming.  Bring your ideas and questions to share with the group! 

Natalie Livingston
Natalie is a 24 year veteran of the aquatics industry. She is Co-Founder of ALIVE Solutions.  Natalie has been recognized with numbers safety awards including Decade of Aquatic Excellence from Ellis & Associates, Board of Directors Award and Swim Awards from the World Waterpark Association, and most recently Aquatics International in their 2020 Power Issue. 

Ashley Wolfe
Ashley is a 14 year veteran of the aquatics industry.  She is Co-Founder of ALIVE Solutions.  Ashley has her Master's Degree in Crisis and Trauma Counseling and is a practicing Intern Clinician at a private practice.  

Ashley is people driven and holistically focused on wellness at all levels.  She currently serves as the Vice Chair on the World Waterpark Education Committee and she is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success.  Ashley is passionate about supporting people and wellness in aquatics, operations, and in the first responder worlds. www.alive-solutions.com

Show Notes

00:00 early start - webinar hangout with Katie Crysdale, Lakeview Aquatic Consultants Ltd. 

00:00 Welcome

27:30 Introducing Natalie Livingston & Ashley Wolfe, ALIVE Solutions Inc. aka Aquatics Tribe

29:15 Presentation

49:25 End of Presentation

50:30 Q & A with Natalie & Ashley 

1:22 Wrap Up

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