Guest on Pool Chasers!

Guest on Pool Chasers!

We are excited to announce that we were down in Arizona recently to be featured on the Pool Chasers podcast! If you are not familiar with Pool Chasers, read this blog post and then listen to a few episodes! 

We recorded several episodes, and the first one to be released is on the subject of commercial pools. This is an area that often results in a lot of questions, so we really wanted to share our perspective of six years in management and 10+ years in the commercial setting. 

Here are the show notes created by Pool Chasers highlighting the different topics we discussed:

0:42 Getting to know Katie

6:41 Being a Manager of an Aquatic Facility

15:27 Opening up an Aquatic Facility in the Morning

26:32 How Often are you Checking Chems and Why

30:22 Pool Manager or Detective

41:45 What Kind of Chemicals are Used in the Commercial Sector

49:33 Ventilation for the Chemicals and for the Pool

54:25 Secondary Disinfection and Residual Chlorine or Bromine

1:03:58 What are Health Inspectors Looking For

1:10:08 Working with Service Companies

1:29:36 Recommended Books and Podcasts

1:34:47 Where to find More Information About Katie


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