Certified Pool Operator (CPO) class on Pool Chasers!

Certified Pool Operator (CPO) class on Pool Chasers!

Our next episode of the Pool Chasers podcast is now live! In this episode we talk about the importance of the Certified Pool Operator (CPO) certification, a class that we currently offer across Canada and around the world. 

There is so much more to the CPO certification than just the knowledge learned in class. As we talk about in this episode, it's also networking and the market advantage of distinguishing yourself in a crowded field. 

Show notes from the Pool Chasers - 

  • 2:05 Intro to Katie

  • 9:55 The power of managing up

  • 12:08 What it means to be CPO certified

  • 16:30 There is a lot of fear that is unspoken

  • 19:37 The networking is invaluable

  • 24:14 Getting certified right off the bat

  • 28:38 You do not need a background in pools to get certified

  • 33:40 There are all kinds of pools

  • 37:20 The CPO Book

  • 40:38 A huge fan of dying the pool

  • 45:20 Do swimmers know a lot about pools

  • 47:45 anti-entrapment is a big deal

  • 56:30 Chemical Testing

  • 1:02:50 Build processes and checklists

  • 1:08:15 Its important to find a mentor

  • 1:15:32 CPO certification stays with the person

  • 1:20:30 Where to find more info about the CPO certification

  • 1:22:00 Where to find Katie's classes

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